Dan Lyons is an American musician and song writer best known for his work in the global post rock community. Dan began playing drums at a young age, and quickly took a liking to the guitar and bass as well. It wasn't long until Lyons was creating experimental solo recordings for fun in the basement of his parents home.

"My recording setup as a kid consisted of two old boomboxes, a guitar and amp, drum set, and two cassette tapes. I would record myself with one boombox playing a drum beat, then play the beat back on one boombox, as I hit record on the other boombox that was facing it. In between the two I would put my guitar amp and play along to my drum beat as the drum beat and guitar were being recorded by the second boombox. It was primitive and awesome"- Lyons

Throughout his teenage years Dan played in local bands, contributed to local acts, and continued to create experimental recordings on tape in his basement. In his 20s, Dan set out to create a full length experimental rock album which came to be titled "The Nine North Winds" by his artist name Hymns for the Angels. This full length record was released in the fall of 2016, and paved the way for his second full length release in 2019 titled "The Spinning Heart". This record was a turning point for Dan, as he set out to write, perform, record, mix, master and produce this full length album himself. Lyons started two entirely new solo projects in 2020- one titled "Felix", and the other, Shadow.