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An Interview with Steven + HD VERSION


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Exclusive HD 24bit masters + standard 16bit CD quality masters

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    Steven 10:29
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Follow Shadow

Shadow is a solo project. All instruments, vocals, writing, recording, mixing and mastering is done by Dan Lyons. Shadow highlights the alternate forecasted timeline, the exposure of the other side, and the prophesied intersection of the timelines.

Shadow exists inside every human heart. It reaches all the way to heaven and descends all the way to hell.



An Interview with Steven

"Behold the downfall, disembodied destiny 
Always slipping behind, fumble through this fantasy 
Monkey there's something in the backroom, staring at me 
Monkey there's something in the backroom, calling to me 
Never seem to get there 
Always fail to notice 
Monkey see and monkey do, I tried so hard to follow you 
But you disorient me and you look right through me 
Dream of a weightless vapor 

When the clock strikes 12, the dogs are at my door 
Delivering their warning, bleating their lament 

In the land of blue and green, I don't feel anything 
Where reds are dead cut away, these infrared puppet strings 
I am only the servant, you only worship the donkey 
But can I call you master? 
Mephitic force of the rancid 
Purify and fly away, to a galaxy beyond 

Hunger to notice, assimilate what is true 
Away from the light of madness, the butterfly then flew 
The answers lie in the silence, the absence within you 
So bring forth the fire, impigrity in you 
Divide, oh magic doorway 
Elusive gateway


Seductive passenger 

Come back home

But where is home?

Follow the butterfly" 

- Shadow